Rainbow Seven Chakra Stones Silver Earrings

'Is it a gift?"
  • Handcrafted Rainbow Seven Chakra Stones Silver Earrings

    • Metal: 925 sterling silver
    • Silver rings: polished
    • Stone:
      • natural Garnet (dark red),
      • natural Carnelian (orange),
      • natural Citrine (yellow),
      • natural Malachite (deep green),
      • natural Turquoise (turquoise blue),
      • natural Lapis Lazuli (deep blue),
      • natural Amethyst (purple)
    • Measurements (top to bottom including hook): 45mm
    • Size of stones: 4mm



    Chakra Stones:

    • Garnet: feel grounded
    • Carnelian: feel joy and pleasure
    • Citrine: feel confident
    • Malachite: feel loved and peaceful
    • Turquoise: feel expressive
    • Lapis Lazuli: feel perceptive
    • Amethyst: feel enlightened

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