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Akoya pearls are world-known cultured sea pearls from Japan. This beautiful gem of the sea formed with several years time & patience with the help of nature. Its enduring beauty symbolises purity & sincerity; and enlightens the mind of the wearer in clarity and wisdom.

ORIENTSENSES's GIA certified Pearl Specialist carefully handpicked premium quality Akoya Pearls directly from Mie Prefecture in Japan. To ensure the authenticity and value of the Pearls, all imported Pearls have undergone thorough evaluation and obtained a Gem Certificate from reputable Gem Laboratory in Japan.


Akoya Pearls are known for their brilliant lustre and very round shape. They are usually white to cream color with an overtone of pink or silver for an extra flair. Our designers intentionally preserve its natural beauty by adopting minimalist designs. We hope every of our customers can feel the rareness, natural shine and exceptional elegance of this beautiful gem of the sea.

For caring of Akoya pearls, please click here.


Mie Prefecture, Japan

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