Akoya Pearl Premium String Bracelet AMBER | CORAL - Single Pearl (6mm)

Color of string
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  • Akoya Pearl Premium String Bracelet AMBER YELLOW | CORAL - Single Pearl (6mm)


    Minimal with details, amber yellow is energetic and confident; coral is uplifting and happy.


    We specially picked the premium quality Akoya sea pearls and extra strong string from Germany, and created this elegant and lifestyle bracelet for your daily wear.


    Rare Akoya sea pearls are adored by every lady, definitely a great idea of gifting to your beloved ones in every occassions.



    • Name: Akoya
    • Type: Sea pearls
    • Origin: Mie, Japan
    • Size: 6mm
    • Color: pearly white with an overtone of pink or silver



    • Premium quality string from Germany with extra strength
    • Color: amber yellow | coral



    • Sterling silver lobster clasp
    • Sterling silver extension chain

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