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Curated Jewelry by ORIENTSENSES

We travelled & worked with or collected from different artisans or silversmiths who handcrafted unique & quality jewelry pieces.

Digitally constructed shelf

The Boho Street

Boho street style jewelry pieces handpicked by ORIENTSENSES team. They are handcrafted by various talented Silversmiths in Nepal & Thailand. All products are handmade in 925 sterling silver in vintage style and many of them are one of a kind only.


The Nature Crafts

Enjoy this beautiful journey of nature, through a range of handcrafted floral and leaf design jewelry pieces. All products are handmade in the peaceful Northern Thailand village surrounded by beautiful natures, waterfalls and tall mountains.


The Modern Matte

The stylish geometric designs in modern hand-brushed textures. We are happy to meet the talented Thai Jewelry Artisans and worked together to deliver the designs.  All products are handmade in Bangkok in 925 sterling silver or high quality gold plating over sterling silver.

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