Turquoise Silver Expression Bracelet

Length (inch)
"Is it a gift?"
  • Turquoise Silver Expression Bracelet


    In-house designed stretched bracelet made with handpicked premium Turquoise gemstone beads matching with our signature logo ball and bright silver rings. 


    Its elegant and simple design is suitable for daily wear to balance your Throat Chakra energy and make you feel able to speak up for yourself, speak your truth and embrace yourself.



    • 925 sterling silver with a coating of anti-tarnish solution
    • Polished signature logo ball


    Chakra Gemstone:

    • Natural Turquoise gemstone | 6mm
    • Color: Sky blue
    • Throat Chakra (5th Chakra) stone balanced state of mind: feel expressive, being able to speak up yourself, speak your truth and embrace yourself. Relates to communications.